Remove Richard D Hansen from the University of Utah

Remove Richard D Hansen from the University of Utah

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We The People started this petition to University Of Utah

Dear University of Utah,

In the wake of our current political climate and the demands for the end of the romanticism and reverence of colonialism and imperialism; we are appalled at the blatant acts of white supremacy carried out by one of your educators, Richard D. Hansen. In the past 20 years, he has embodied these ideals of white supremacy that The People have been, and are continually working so hard to tear down. He has been openly vocal about his plans and intentions to impose his outdated colonialist will and way of life on the Guatemalan people of El Mirador under the false pretense of “conservation”. Instead of the conservation advertised, he has chosen to desecrate a sacred site into an “essential tourist attraction”--going against both the local community and experienced forestry workers; and as a result changing the local economy. These actions follow classical templates of both white supremacy and systemic racism taught and cautioned against in many University of Utah courses, as well as the University’s public standpoint against racism.

The credibility and assumed funding Hansen has received from the University of Utah has aided him in his version of “manifest destiny”: to spread and impose his own personal religious and capitalist beliefs under the guise of scientific research and archaeological preservation.

Those of us who attend this institution and/or have personal connections with the University of Utah are horrified and outraged that funds are being appropriated to aid in the destruction and privatization of historical indigenous Mayan sites in Guatemala through the activities of Richard D. Hansen. The University of Utah has assured our involuntary participation in acts of modern day imperialism and white supremacy through its inability to properly select, review, and regulate appropriate staff, as well as through its direct financial support of Richard D. Hansen’s research and teachings.

We are abhorred The University of Utah has enabled this behavior, we are horrified Richard D. Hansen has been teaching and molding the minds of our youth and community. How many young students has he passed this burden on to? How many white supremacists are born or emboldened from their time attending the University of Utah? This plight in our community must be stopped and corrected immediately.

It is The People’s hope that the University understands and accepts its culpability in Hansen’s actions, and we demand Richard D. Hansen’s immediate termination from the University of Utah. We the People demand the University take further steps to rectify its unwitting assistance
in the manifestation of Richard Hansen’s misguided agenda-- a racist agenda which discredits the University of Utah, the United States of America, and the existing conservation efforts of Guatemala. This behavior not only compromises the reputation of these, but fosters the destruction of ecosystems and the traditions and will of The People. We hope that The University of Utah recognizes its duty as an institution of higher education to dismantle ALL forms of white supremacy in the educational system.

The People demand the following:
1. The University of Utah must take effective action to stop Richard D. Hansen’s mission of white supremacy and colonial terrorism.
2. Richard D. Hansen must be publicly discredited and defunded by the University of Utah following immediate termination of his employment with the University of Utah.
3. The Guatemalan People of El Mirador must receive a public apology from the University of Utah for enabling and emboldening Richard D. Hansen with a credible platform and the resources to carry out his white supremacist agenda.
4. The equivalence of any funding given to Richard D. Hansen throughout his reign of terror must be reallocated to the Maya people of Guatemala to assist with the rightful return of their sacred ancestral lands.

We believe fulfillment of these demands is the least the University of Utah can do, both to preserve its legacy as a reputable institution of research and higher education, and to remain on the right side of history.

Peace, Power

We The People

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