Stop U of T From Contracting Out Caretaking Services

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As of August 17th, 2020, the University of Toronto contracted out Caretaking Services in 18 buildings on the St. George campus to for-profit cleaning companies.

U of T has said that it has contracted out additional cleaning due to COVID. However, we believe that UofT is using this moment to reduce its labour costs by relying on private cleaning companies. The truth is that private cleaning companies are notorious for paying low wages and running cut-throat operations by cutting corners on safety.

Research has shown that privatized delivery of cleaning services impacts quality and can endanger community safety. Workers in this sector are not reliably provided with proper safety training or equipment by contractors looking to turn profits. By contrast, CUPE 3261 members working in Caretaking Services work directly for U of T and have a fair collective agreement as well as a strong union. In addition to having decent work, our members can assert their rights to get the training and the equipment they need to ensure high quality disinfection and keep our U of T community safe.

As an institution that prides itself on excellence and principles of equity, U of T should be protecting good jobs on campus and ensuring the highest possible standards of safety. The private cleaning industry is exploitative towards workers, particularly towards racialized workers who are over-represented in lower-paid and precarious jobs. 

Take action and sign this petition! Say NO to contracting out and join us in demanding that U of T do the right thing.

  • We must protect good jobs and decent work on campus. U of T says it cares about equity - it should not be supporting cleaning companies whose profit model is to pay workers poverty wages.
  • We need high-quality cleaning and disinfection work performed by in-house workers. U of T has a responsibility to plan for long-term increased cleaning and disinfection services until we fully recover from the threat of COVID transmission.

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