No detriment policy for University of Surrey students

No detriment policy for University of Surrey students

4 January 2021
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Started by Claire Hamer

I am bringing this petition as I am worried about my future and my ability to do well in my final year of university. The newest lockdown restrictions are causing detrimental impacts on our mental health and yet we are expected to continue online learning and complete online exams as if nothing is happening. With no protection if we cannot complete them to the best of our ability due to the implications caused by Covid-19. 

Last year families were getting sick people were dying and now it’s even worse. More people are dying more families members are getting sick. We need reassurance that our grades aren’t going to suffer. It is extremely disappointing that nothing has been said regarding university exams and yet GCSE’s and A- Levels have been cancelled.  Where is the equality in this decision? 

Working from home is very hard, from minimal workspaces to lack of internet. It is unfair to expect us to submit our final year exams that account for so much of our degree with the uncertainty that lies beyond our grades.

Last semester the university implemented a 'no detriment' policy, where students cannot score below their current average mark, but can still achieve higher. This still allows assessments (and for those who have not cancelled their exams) exams to go ahead, but this gives students a safety net to put their minds at rest. 

I think it is particularly necessary for University of Surrey to consider the mental health of students at this time, and to consider how they can be made to feel secure regardless of where you are in your degree but especially those in their final year. 


This petition made change with 1,749 supporters!

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