Nullify USF Housing/Meal Plan Addendum which refuses refunds with closure due to COVID-19

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USF has issued an addendum to existing housing and meal plan contracts that states that, should the university close at any time during the 20/21 school year, students would still be responsible for all room and board costs, even if those services are not available, or being utilized by the student. This cost for in and out of state families is in excess of $15,000, in some cases. It is unacceptable to take advantage of students who cannot control current events. Refunds should be offered for closures out of their control, and we demand that those refunds be policy.

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This addendum also states that students with room assignments can be kicked out of their rooms at any time, for any reason, and moved. We feel that the only acceptable reason to allow this, is for a temporary quarantine, after which the student should return to the room for which they are paying, that they selected. Please support our students during this unprecedented time by signing this petition. These are the seniors that did not get to graduate, and the freshman who will wear masks and be stuck in their dorm rooms. They need you!