Don’t Lay Off Penn Dining Workers

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In a time where the world is relying on community to stay safe and healthy, Penn Dining and Bon Appetit are pulling the rug under from dining hall workers by laying off all workers at retail dining locations including Houston, Pret-A-Manger, Falk Dining Cafe, and Joe’s Cafe, after March 31st.

Workers were made aware of this situation Sunday, and are now expected to figure out how to deal with the current crises amidst this drastic economic measure. Workers are also not receiving financial support from Bon Appétit during this transition. 

This irresponsible and fundamentally evil move puts the lives and health of important Penn community members in jeopardy, especially considering the global pandemic we are currently facing. Penn must be held accountable for its actions against its workers, and ultimately, humanity.

Please sign this petition and urge Penn to not lay-off these workers. This is a time all community members can come to support dining hall workers and let Penn know that we will not let these actions go by unnoticed and unaddressed. Help keep our community and our world safe.

#HoldPennAccountable #SolidaritytoAllWorkers