Cancel Penn's Second Year "Dining Experience"

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The University of Pennsylvania, with an endowment of over 13 billion dollars and the highest paid president in the Ivy League, Amy Gutmann, who did not take a pay cut during the entirety of the pandemic, can't seem to get enough money from the Class of 2024. They are making a shameless cash grab by requiring the Class of 2024 to sign up for an expensive dining plan, as if an $80,000 annual cost of attendance isn't enough. 

The University of Pennsylvania is treating us like fools - they want us to believe that by paying them another $6,000 for a dining plan many of us don't want that we will be protecting students from food insecurity and building community. This is a pathetic attempt to pull the wool over our eyes; we are hard pressed to believe that a dining plan that costs more than groceries is helping students struggling with food insecurity. Not to mention that Penn clearly doesn't see dining hall workers as people worthy of protection from Covid-19, let alone members of the Penn community they are supposedly helping to build. 

Penn needs to cancel the requirement. We see right through it.