Take back the decision to end the relationship with the Chinese scholars who fund by CSC

Take back the decision to end the relationship with the Chinese scholars who fund by CSC

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Started by YUHENG Liang

Hello, everyone.
As a mean green alumna who still lives in Denton. I feel very sad and worry about my Chinese friends. They are groups of the Chinese scholar (J1 visa) who receive funding from the CSC (Chinese scholarship council).

On Aug 26th,2020. UNT suddenly terminates the relationship with the Chinese scholars who received Csc scholarship. Until now, UNT didn't tell the reason why they suddenly cancel the relationship and make the Chinese scholars leave the US within one month. They need to deal with the extremely high flight ticket price, limit flight, Covid-19 test, break the apartment lease, sell the car, affect their academic achievement.

This act surprised these Chinese scholars as they're not prepared at all. They don't know why they must leave the U.S. as soon as possible. As far as I know, only the UNT terminated this program, one of the Chinese scholars majored in Hydrology and Water Resources, and there was no threat for UNT and the U.S.

Actually, some of these Chinese scholars already booked the flight ticket to go back to China,(about 3000$, can not change or cancel), but the date is after September. As we all know, we are in such a tough pandemic period and is very hard to just buy another ticket to go back to China within a month. Due to the limited flight and the extremely high ticket price. 

Moreover, Chinese custom required traveler must provide the international health code when traveler boarding, which needs 14 days to get the health code. That's means, the Chinese scholars only could buy the ticket from 11th September to 25th September. It's really difficult for them, as there are no spare tickets left in a month and at the same time the ticket price is too high to afford!!

These scholars told me they very enjoy the time in UNT, and UNT is a diversity and inclusive campus. Although we are in such a tough period. The UNT adviser also really nice and these scholars have not finished their project, which will affect their graduation.

Now UNT, as far as we know is the only school in the U.S. terminated their J-1 program who financed by CSC it's unreasonable and suddenly.
As we all know, the U.S. is a real free, democratic nation, therefore, I sincerely hope the ban can be lifted.

Otherwise, could UNT give us the reason why terminated the program which financed by CSC so suddenly?

6,490 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!