Reinstate "resigned" (?) lecturer from the University of Miami

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Update: Title has been changed from "Rehire fired professor from the University of Miami" due to a statement that was sent to me. He resigned and "wasn't fired." It makes me wonder about the pressures that HR puts us under for formalities and political correctness. He is a lecturer and not a professor. This is not in bad spirit to anyone who disagrees but we are living in an uncertain time where people need jobs. My direction is to bring to light that disciplinary actions are a double standard in schools for way too long. If you disagree with a decision, then you should speak up. 

"A University of Miami professor was teaching a business analytics class over Zoom and sharing his screen when students spotted something unexpected– a pornographic bookmark tab describing college girls. Videos, photos and social media posts capturing the incident soon went viral, and the professor, John Peng Zhang, is no longer employed at UM."-The Miami Hurricane (Student newspaper)

People make mistakes, are sexual beings, and should not be fired when no true porn was shared. We no longer live in the 18th century and individuals are allowed to have a personal, sexual life. This was obviously a mistake.

It is a double standard to protect the atrocities that happen in the student body (sexual assault) and cover them while a professor who has bills to pay as an "actual adult." Firing from the position was not the appropriate action and should have been taken with less dramatic disciplinary action. 

It is also against current state laws to record lectures without the permission of professors. As per: