UCONN Pass/Fail Fall 2020

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This semester has been a tough one. We were hit with a global pandemic during our Spring 2020 semester. This led to students suddenly being sent home and all classes were transitioned online in the matter of just a couple days. Last semester, UCONN allowed students to P/F any class and disregarded the P/F rules.

This semester students are struggling 10x more than we were last semester. This semester was completely online with the exception of SOME (very little) classes being in person. Yet, UCONN won’t allow any exceptions for P/F leading to students becoming increasingly stressed out because they worry about the blow their GPA will take if they don’t get a satisfactory grade in their courses as of now. How is it possible for a university to claim they care about their students so much when they have left us with little to no options when it comes to our academics? How can a University be so quick to take money out of our accounts for tuition, yet so slow to address what really matters - the education we pay for and we should be able to decide whether we want to P/F a class or keep a grade. 

If you have struggled this semester, this petition is for you. It’s for your friend who cries over not being able to pass an exam. Sign and share. 

We need to get the University Senate to vote YES to allowing exceptions to the P/F guidelines for the Fall 2020 semester. This will save the mental health of so many students, allowing them to stress less and learn more! This petition depends on your signature!