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Change the name of University of Cincinnati's "Marge Schott Stadium"

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University of Cincinnati’s baseball stadium is named “Marge Schott Stadium”.

Marge Schott was a former owner of the Reds before she was banned from the MLB for her support of Nazi party leader Adolf Hitler in 1996. She is also known to have said multiple racial slurs towards African-Americans, Jews, and people of Japanese ancestry.

Executive council chairman Bud Selig of the Brewers said: "Mrs. Schott's remarks reflect the most base and demeaning type of racial and ethnic stereotyping … indicating an insensitivity that cannot be accepted or tolerated by anyone in baseball."

Marge Schott Stadium is represented by players of all races, religious backgrounds, and ethnicities, and plays host to middle and high school baseball teams as well. The field is getting national attention every year and to promote somebody so racist is not only irresponsible, but it is also directly contradictory to the University's mission statement which says that the goal of the University is " foster a community that prioritizes inclusion, transformational personal development, civic participation, and global responsibility."

We have a responsibility to develop our kids for the future. Black kids should not be made to play and represent a name such as hers and white kids should not be celebrating her legacy subconsciously. 

As a community of former and current players, staff, students, alums, and Cincinnatians alike, We will not be promoting her, or her legacy any longer. 

We demand change for the betterment of society, and to push the values that represent what we believe in as a community.  


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