Demand the University of Central Florida Administration take action against climate change

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This Earth Day, demand that the University of Central Florida Administration take action against climate change and promote the well-being of the UCF community. March out of your classes with us for climate justice and for our future! We will meet at the Addition Financial Arena at 10 AM and march across campus to demand change.

We know that energy usage, social injustice, animal agriculture, and overall human consumption are the main causes of climate change. Our actions drive climate change which means that our action can also reverse it.

We demand that the UCF Administration implements this plan by the stated deadlines to effectively safeguard the economic, educational, and environmental futures of the UCF student body and community.

- Provide and circulate a yearly report on UCF’s compliance with its own Climate Action Plan.
- Protect all undeveloped lands on campus and cease land-developing building expansions indefinitely.
- Limit contract expansion with outside organizations and use internal resources of inspiration and innovation for growth instead.
- Include student signatures on Student IDs for voter identity purposes.
- Divest from Aramark.
- Dedicate administrative and financial support to the Food Recovery Network at UCF; Ensure that current and future food suppliers and vendors on campus comply with this program.
- Implement rent-control measures around UCF and UCF Downtown Campus to protect UCF students and the Orlando community and advocate for city legislatures to implement rent-control measures.
- Introduce plant-based restaurant to the UCF campus.
- Hold a Student Body vote to approve exclusive service or product contracts between UCF and an outside entity for a period of 2 years or more.
- Expand Sustainability Initiatives with funding and organizational growth; Create paid-internship positions by offering interns tuition credit.
- Eliminate single-use plastic and styrofoam on campus; Mandate compostable cutlery and dishware from on-campus food suppliers.
- Add recycling bins and compost bins with clear signage to accompany every garbage bin on campus.
- Allocate funding and a physical location to launch an independently-run student newspaper.
- Mandate that STEM Colleges to include sustainable curriculum integration (renewable energy, waste solutions, sustainable farming practices).
- Increase UCF Student Representation on the board of trustees to 30%.
- LEED certify every building on campus.
- Earn a platinum rating from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

We have the power to demand policies that make us proud to be UCF students. Stand up for our futures by striking with us on April 22nd.

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