Petition Closed

Students love the Burrito Van and it is one of many options for food on campus. It is doing well and its owner Tim Stillwell (who will appear on this year's Apprentice) shows students what they can achieve after leaving Birmingham. We want the Burrito Van to not only stay on campus but to become permanent. 

Though we got the van back this year after a brief absence, it really is time that catering offered it a more long-term contract. The van is not the only small business on campus that may be closing and it really is unfair seeing as multi-billion pound chains like Costa and Starbucks are not at constant risk of closure. The burrito van is healthy and halaal so a lot of students eat it. It is always very busy and one of the most popular places to eat on campus, so please listen to the students and keep the van for good!

Letter to
University of Birmingham
Save the Burrito Van on Campus from closure