Demand US Congress sign the Adoptee Citizenship Act so all Adoptees Have Citizenship .

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According to the National Education Association, and other organizations, prior to 2000 tens of thousands of children were adopted from international countries into the United States but were never granted U.S. citizenship. Many of these adoptees came from South Korea from the 1950s through the 1980s. Their adoptive parents did not naturalize their citizenship either because the adoption agency did not tell them that they needed to or they purposely did not in order to use their adopted child as a slave, such as in the case of Adam Crasper's abusive childhood. 

As an adoptee myself and an advocate for adoptee rights this needs to change. The multibillion dollar, loosely regulated and completely uncredentialed adoption industry, that has also been rife with child kidnapping and human trafficking violations , has done nothing to secure U.S citizenship for adult adoptees born outside of the United States.  

Some of these adoptees, through no fault of their own, have been deported. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics suicide rates of adoptees are four times higher than the non adopted population, and even higher if LGBT or a person of color. Sadly, and unnecessarily, some Korean born adoptees have committed suicide  because of the severe discrimination they endure. 

Internationally born adoptees who are adults now cannot apply for citizenship themselves. We have at least twenty-six thousand people in our country who cannot legally work, vote, marry,  apply for benefits, obtain numerous things at a bank, have health insurance,  or obtain a passport for international travel all because their adoptive parents purposely wanted to discriminate them or because the adoption agencies purposely neglected to share that information with their adoptive parents.

We, the petitioners, demand that the United States Congress immediately enact  the US Adoptee Citizenship Act.  Passing the US Adoptee Citizenship Act will allow adopted people living in the United States, who were born in other countries the following:

A. Immediate U.S. citizenship. Remember they were brought here through no choice of their own. 

B. No more risk of being deported.

C. A great reduction in suicide rates. 

D. Peace of mind and a lot more equality and human dignity given to them.

E. The ability to work.

F. The ability to rent if property managers are decent and understanding people that it will take time for these people to obtain a credit score.  If people have the money upfront to pay several months in advance credit score should be non-essential. 

G. The ability to have health insurance. 

H. The ability to marry.

I. The ability to vote in this election and any other elections. 

J. The ability to travel abroad for business or vacation. 

K. The ability to have better health care. 

L. The ability to apply for numerous things at a bank. 

This list is not exhaustive to all that foreign born adoptees without citizenship will obtain once the US Citizenship Act is passed.