Should the President be ousted due to bribery?

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  • Is our 45th President selling the country short, so he can stay rich?

What Constitutional laws speak to the removal of a President?

  • "... Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors..."

This isn't about "Treason" or "high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

Yet, "Treason" is being examined now.

  • Investigations underway in Congress, and a case before the Supreme Court ask whether another nation bought the 2016 election.

And "high Crimes and Misdemeanors" led to impeachments.

  • A recent sex scandal resulted in a President being impeached.  Because the Senate did not vote to convict, that President remained in office.  That year, the American people voting to kick out politicians who pushed through the impeachment.
  • Just after Abraham Lincoln was killed, the President who followed wasn't doing exactly what the "Radical Republicans" wanted, so they used misdemeanors as reason enough to jam impeachment through the House.  They fell one vote short of removing that President.

Most people know what "America long national nightmare" feels like.

The first days of this new President feel like WATERGATE, "America's long national nightmare" of the early 1970s, which ended only when politicians put aside party and acted to save America from "... high Crimes and Misdemeanors." 

In Aug 1974, as the House of Representatives faced a floor vote on impeachment, rank-and-file Senators of the President's own party marched to the White House, and demanded to talk with Richard Nixon, in the Oval Office.  Senator Barry Goldwater told the President that when impeachment arrived to the Senate, he himself would make the motion to convict Mr. Nixon.  The President resigned the next day.


  • Is a real estate tycoon cutting deals, to buy promises for his own financial gain?
  • Did the President fly to the Middle East to make America's biggest weapon sale to Saudi Arabia, so that the very next day, his own family collected a $100 million "contribution" to their own foundation?
  • Is bribery even so simple as begging for a ride inside a fancy cart owned by an English monarch, who family fought to hold their colonies, and invaded America to take them back?

THE QUESTION ASKS... Is our President cutting deals that sell America short, just to stay rich?

If the answer about bribery is, "Yes, he's cutting deals just to stay rich," then We, The People, request leaders to put aside partisanship, and oust the President, be it through...

  1. nonpartisan conviction of treason, by the Supreme Court,
  2. bipartisan action by Congress to impeach, convict, and remove,
  3. or courage like Mr. Goldwater, to pressure the President to resign, so that "America's long national nightmare is over," even if saving America costs letting a rich man collect a pension and free perks.

Thank you for considering this question of bribery.