Justice for Lakeith Smith and A’Donte Washington!

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Lakeith Smith, now 20, was charged with the murder of his friend, A’Donte Washington when he was only 15— a crime he did not commit. A'donte died at the hands of a policeman, after the police fired 4 rounds into him - and he currently walks free.

Smith, Washington, and a few other boys were participating in two break-ins of Millbrook homes in 2015. When authorities were called, there was a alleged shoot-out between Washington and the unnamed officer. Lakeith, the one charged, was found described as “scared” and “hidden.” Ultimately, A’Donte Washington was shot and killed by the officer. 

Despite Lakeith not having any participation in the shoot-out, under Alabama's accomplice liability law that states, Smith and the other three men participating in the break-ins were found liable for the death of Washington. He was tried as an adult and was sentenced to 65 years in prison (which only recently got reduced to 55). The unnamed police officer who fired four shots into Washington walked free and remains anonymous. Smith did not participate in the act that ended A’Donte Washington’s life. Both men need their justice!