Receive Justice for this Racially motivated conviction

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On October 2, 2020. Eric Devon Wilson Jr was sentenced to 62 years in prison. You are probably thinking He must have committed some heinous murder? NOPE no murder at all! Had to be a robbery conviction? NOPE no robbery! Must have been a major drug offender right? Nope no drugs involved at all. He had to have an extensive violent/criminal history? Nope had only had one charge as an adult years prior and was not a violent charge.

Okay so now someone must have been badly injured right? Absolutely not, there was not one single injury during this alleged crime. This is a ridiculous absurd sentencing and it shows that there was a hidden agenda behind the case. The judge that resided over the case had already been tied to a racial page and denied allegation that she was involved, The detective on the case had a vendetta against this young man because of something he believed the young man was involved in 6 years earlier that he couldn’t prove, so he got witnesses to get on the stand and lie under oath. One witness which was familiar with the defendant and had previously called his father claiming that the detective was forcing her to lie on the stand in order to drop all charges against her related to this crime.

The prosecutor on the case also had a vendetta against the young man as he had picked up a cellphone as a child which belonged to her, something that a lot of kids could do. He took it to trial because he had faith in the justice system and didn’t feel like the system would let him down, however the conspiracy and people in a position of power prevailed and were aloud to sentence him to this absurd amount of time, when no murderer had ever been given this kind of sentence. May it also be noted that no one was even injured during the course of this alleged crime! The victim they claimed he shot at, was a friend of his whom testified that he did not believe the defendant was the one whom shot at him because he couldn’t think of any reason he would have shot at him, as they were friends and had never had any problem. One of the witnesses that testified against the defendant after being offered immunity, had been a codefendant along with her son, so she had every reason to lie on this young man. I ask that every stand up for the racial injustice of this young man, this is beyond unreasonable and we need an appeal. Please and thank you.