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Stop The Hunting of Grizzly Bears and Other Wildlife During Hibernation

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It was recently approved that restrictions were removed on hunting regulations in Alaska for bears and wolves during hibernation, among other wildlife that may live in caves. This is inhumane, it is slaughter, and it needs to NOT HAPPEN. Since when is it fair to not give the animal a chance to escape the potential of being killed? How is it that while the animal is sleeping it is considered hunting?? Hunting entails pursuing or chasing an animal. There is no pursuing or chase when they are sleeping. Not to mention, these animals are needed. The Earth itself needs it. It was just recently shown in Yellowstone that when wolves were added to the land, it changed the river, things were growing where they hadn't grown before, bug, birds, and other animals started to appear and because of what they do naturally it brought life back to parts of Yellowstone. Imagine if we killed those animals, how will it effect the rest of wildlife and land? There is no overpopulation of these animals. We need to stop this slaughter!!

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