Extension of the age limit for au pair exchanges

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In view of the covid-19 pandemic, not only the sectors of education, transport, tourism, health and security were impacted, but also the au pair exchange, directly affecting many families and au pairs.

We Brazilian au pairs would like to say that we are deeply saddened by the latest events that occurred due to the covid-19 pandemic.
Last Monday (16th) of March we received the news that the consulates have temporarily postponed the interviews and the granting of visas, and given the facts it happens that:

-There are many families who have invested time and money to have an au pair at home in the months of March, April, May and June. But due to the outbreak, girls aged 26 will turn 27 in these months and will not be able to board, leaving families without an au pair and the entire process to match will have to be done again.

- Many au pairs at the age limit already have everything necessary to board, visa, passport, ticket and will suffer financial loss if the process is canceled.

- Many au pairs about to board, left their jobs and because they are unable to embark, they face this crisis without a job and still at risk of having the process canceled due to the age restriction of the au pair program.

 For this and many other reasons, we want to have an exception for extending the age limit so that girls in these pandemic months that would lose their programs can board.