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Sustainable forest management

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Forests in the Pacific Northwest continue to burn, year after year. The result of the efforts to "save" the Spotted Owl, which resulted in the effective end of private logging and forest management, is huge wildfires year after year. Since the beginning of efforts to "save" the "endangered" spotted owl, we have learned that the owl acclimates very successfully to new growth forest and does not, as previously reported, require old growth forest. Good thing, because old growth forest are burning faster than they were ever selectively logged for profit.

Logging and grazing public lands and national Forest in a responsible, sustainable manner is a job best done by private industry with reasonable oversight. By effectively ending logging and grazing on public lands and in national Forest the government has created an untenable situation where the forests are being neglected, yet the costs to taxpayers have skyrocketed. Further, the cost of fighting wildfires is punching huge holes in state budgets. 

The continued lack of forest and wild land management will continue to lead to huge wildfires and the loss of public and forest lands. The economic effect of these rampant wildfires on neglected public lands has been economic devastation throughout Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, north Idaho, and Western Montana.

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