Zimbabwean Govt: Stop brutalising citizens; Restore access to Internet and Social media

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Following the announcement of hefty fuel increases in Zimbabwe by the Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Saturday 12 January 2019, calls were made for stay-aways to protest fuel increases and economic decline. Government responded by shooting civilians. About five deaths were reported on the first day, and several gunshot and wounded. The health sector, which was recently on strike has no capacity to cope with these atrocities. The second day resumed with reports of many civilians being visited and tortured by security forces in their homes, especially in higher density areas. An internet and social media blackout was imposed on the second day. 

The result is as follows: 

1. Lack of access to information about the plight of the vulnerable. This is illegal even under Zimbabwean laws

2. Loss of communication with thousands of relatives by millions of those in the diaspora and in Zimbabwe, who cant tell if their families are safe

3. Police and military brutality continued unabated, yet unreported. We fear that in this information blackout, Zimbabwe will experience another genocide like what happened in the 1980s where over 20 000 were killed

4. Several informal traders, and formal business depend on internet access and social media usage. A denial of social media and internet is severely hurting the economy as well as many vulnerable families that use this media for their small businesses

5. The president must demonstrate leadership by immediately returning from Russia to address the chaos at home, which is spiralling out of control

6. Humanity is at risk as innocent people are dying; right of access to information is trampled; Zimbabweans, who thought they would have respite after removing Mugabe are entering a much deeper crisis. There will be a more serious humanitarian and refugee crisis in the region, which is already failing to cope with political and economic refugees from Zimbabwe, particularly South Africa and Botswana.

PLEASE HELP!!! Call President Emmerson Mnangagwa and responsible authorities.

United Nations, Please help, human lives are at stake

President Trump, please speak a word to your networks and consider calling Mr Mnangagwa about this crisis

President Ramaphosa, speak to SADC about this crisis and intervene. The silence of SADC is shocking, considering that 7 people were also killed in August 2018 and no one was tried for that. 

President Mnangagwa, please step up and show democratic and principled leadership. Show Zimbabwe that you can be better than Robert Mugabe. Take the nation into confidence.

Doctors without borders, please help. Our doctors are overwhelmed and can't cope.

Freedom of Information organisations, please heed our cause and help us spread the word.