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Acknowledge there is a world problem and take over the cleanup and containment of the Fukushima, Japan, nuclear catastrophe in order for it to be done properly and timely without further radioactive materials dumped into the Pacific or world.

This nuclear catastrophe is over four years old and continues to dump hundreds of tons of radioactively contaminated water in the Pacific ocean on a daily basis. There is a great die off of plant and animal life in the Pacific Ocean unlike anything ever seen in our lifetimes. It does not just affect Japan - it affects the world! One nuclear scientist has come forth with the statement that if this continues on unchanged for the next twenty years it could become an extinction event with very little life left on the earth.

The United Nations can call for scientists and engineers from all countries to submit proposals for containment and cleanup. The necessary technology does not exist at this time according to the Japanese. But the world is full of brilliant minds. The UN also has the ability to assess the members for money to support this endeavor and the staff to coordinate it. A balanced panel of pro-nuclear and anti-nuclear scientists/engineers must be selected to sort through the prospective solutions. One of the stated objectives of the UN is protecting the environment.

We as a people can either do nothing and hope for the best, or we can take action and demand this problem be taken over by a world entity to be solved as it should be for the betterment of the planet and its inhabitants.

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