Stop the conspiracy against Bangladesh Students’ League (BSL)

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 Bangladesh Students’ League (BSL) was established in January 4, 1948 and the founder of the party was the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It was previously known as East Pakistan Students’ League. Bangladesh Students’ League (BSL) has been known for its valiant sacrifice in all the movements related to the independence of Bangladesh as a nation.  BSL has showed its temper during the language movement in “52, in education movement in ’62, the movement for regional autonomy in ’66, the mass movement in ’69 and finally in the liberation war of ’71. In the liberation war of Bangladesh, 17000 activists of BSL sacrificed their life for the independence of the country. In a nutshell, BSL has been the vanguard of the nationalistic, secular, democratic and sovereign identity of this nation.

 After independence, BSL has always been vocal against the army backed governments who hindered the democratic progression of the country. As the ultimate protest, BSL was really instrumental in ousting General Ershad from power and to bring the democracy back in the nation. BSL was in dynamic role in the demo-trial of the war criminal Golam Azam in 1992. BSL was the striking force when the democracy was at stake in 1996 and in 2007-08. In 2013, the Shahbag Movement demanding the supreme punishment of the war criminals was empowered by the participation of BSL.

BSL activists were always at the gunpoint from the Pakistani regime till now. In Pakistani regime they used to be killed, humiliated due to being vocal for independence. In Military regime after ’75, they were maltreated due to their movement for democracy. Sad but the fact is they are even at stake when their parent organization Bangladesh Awami League is at power. As the radicalist BNP JAMAAT community always targets BSL because they know that BSL is the only effective force in the country to protect the spirit of ’71. As a result, BSL often gets victimized of the media conspiracy and propaganda. 

The media conspiracy is still prevailing against BSL by sharing rumors that we strongly oppose. That’s why we are raising voice to the international community to protect the image of the largest student organization of South east asia. We are seeking your help to stop the conspiracy against Bangladesh Students’ League (BSL).