Stop Fukushima's Nuclear Waste From Being Dumped into the Ocean

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Takashi Kawamura, the chairman of Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) had announced that 777,000 tons of water containing tritium from the Fukushima nuclear crisis will be dumped into the Pacific Ocean. Tritium cannot be removed from the environment once it is released. Currently, there is no technology that can separate tritium from the water. This means our drinking water will be polluted, animals will be hurt and food will be contaminated. We must stop Takashi Kawamura from pouring the nuclear waste into our ocean waters.

Studies show that tritium can cause cancer, genetic effects, developmental abnormalities and reproductive effects. Tritium can cause mutations, tumors and cell death. 


Although Takashi Kawamura had said "The decision has already been made," he also said that the utility is still waiting for approval from the Japanese government before they continue on with the plan.


No matter how much one may trivialize the issue, if we allow one person to throw nuclear waste into our waters then we allow the whole world.