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Say "NO" to Corruption and Drugs. "NO" is the new trend.

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"You will see terrorism wipe out the humanity within us"
"You will see war in future and it has already started happening"
"You will see more death of humanity due to extremism"

  • Do you want to live in a world where things like terrorism and war decide the fate of our next generation ?  OR...
  • Do you want to live in a world full of peace and prosperity ? The choice is yours. 

We all have been a victim of corruption and everyone is facing this today. We need to address this issue if we want a healthier society and stronger ties between nations. 

Sometimes, it scares the shit out of me when i hear that few countries might go at war. Which for the fact can be real. We all know about what this world has come upon. Few leaders are deciding the fate of entire humanity on Earth. 

In today's world, extremism rules the planet in various forms and i believe that corruption is the main reason for that. 

"Why do we even care ?"  -  We need to care because each and every act performed by us has been contributing to various levels of extremism in different ways. We need to care because we want to make the world a better place. We need to care because corruption is directly or indirectly related to extremism. From acts as small as paying a bribe to policemen to paying big government officials. From acts where we fail to act even after seeing the wrong. From acts where we start making things simple for ourselves by buying people out. All of this contribute to a big picture of extremism and we are the reason for that. 

Do we all actually need this ? There have been many incidents in the past which could have been avoided, but simply, because of few people, we suffered. This has all been because of Corruption. 

Sometimes when i sit and think, it makes me feel that all of us are puppets and ruled by big powers and our lives have always been influenced in different ways. But it makes me feel strong when i see people voicing for good cause amidst this confusion of authorities.

Corruption cause three main things - 

  1. Kleptocracy
  2. Violent Extremism 
  3. Security Crisis

Firstly, Kleptocracy means - "a government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal".  This also means that powerful people can do anything to influence the world for their benefit ,which includes war.

I would not take names as you are smart enough to know whom i am pointing towards. As a reference you can see past news where various judges and even politician like Jefferson have been convicted. 

Secondly, we are all familiar with the violent extremism which includes terrorism organisations such as "Boko Haram" and "ISIS". We all as a matter of fact blame these terrorist organisations for violent extremism, which in fact is true. But shouldn't we change the question to - "What is the main reason behind the formation of these groups ?" OR "How do we stop it on an individual level ?" The reason behind these terrorist organisations was again a matter of corruption. Their leaders were so corrupted that some people had little or no food left. Some people did not have access to the basic needs of shelter and clothing. This made people desperate and they had to pick up weapons after a certain point of time to fight for themselves. This keeps on passing to generations and we blame them for everything. It's the mentality that needs to be changed. 

Thirdly, which is security crisis, which has been a great deal and hampers with the security of nations. Security crisis can include acts like 9/11,  26/11 , Rio Di Janeiro 2010 event, where drugs played an important role. Acts performed by outsiders and even insiders affects the security in a given country. Because of corruption in neighbouring countries, people in different countries suffer. For example 26/11 or 9/11 was caused because people influenced by corrupt people entered our borders. 

All of the above acts are directly and indirectly related to corruption. We all need to believe that if we don't act now , It would be too late and we would fail to exist. Each of us as an individual needs to believe that we can make a difference and we won't be the reason for a child starving in Africa or we won't be the reason for terror attacks in Syria and Nigeria. We need to say "NO" to corruption and drugs in our economy. Then only could we bring peace and live in harmony again. 

Support this cause of "NO is the NEW Trend" and ask your leaders to put a stop to corruption and drugs as we will support them and help them. Tell them that you want a better society to live in and you don't want to be the reason behind any wars. 

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