Save the Teenage Students of Bangladesh who are demonstrating for road safety

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Bangladeshi roads and highways are not safe enough. Recently two college students were killed by a bus where two buses were just trying to take over each other. So, in demand of road safety and against the corrupted activities in transportation sector, all the students of schools and colleges have initiated a demonstration. The demonstration is justified and we all support them. But the Government of Bangladesh failed to take actions against the ‘9 point’ demand the students made. Instead of complying with the valid demands, the ruling party just started torturing the kids with the help of their root level followers and terrorists. It’s a serious violation of human rights. The kids are really in danger and they are being heated brutally. The law enforcers are also not taking steps to give protection to the kids. They are our future; it’s us who should protect them against the government funded terrors. 

Therefore, international intervention is expected to stop this brutal inhumanity against the teenage students of Bangladesh.