Save the endangered species before it's too late!

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Animals, plants, and other endangered species are at the risk of facing extinction. The extinction of any species matter because all living things are connected, according to All living organisms can be connected mostly by their food chain. So if one species from the food chain is endangered, then there is a possibility that the other species in the food chain can be affected as well. For example, if the whales in Antartica disappear, the whole food chain in Antartica will corrupt. Because whales help to consume a large number of krills, the loss of the whales can cause the krills increase to increase too much and that will damage the ecosystem. But that doesn't mean that the krills should extinct because krills are the primary consumers, and most animals consume them. For example, fishes eat krills, so if krills are gone, then there is a high chance that fishes will disappear as well. Also, penguins eat fish, and seals eat penguins and whales eat seals. And there are way more species other than these animals in the food chain. As you can see, all these species are connected. So, if any of these species are taken out of the food chain, it means that another species will go extinct. And why does it matter to humans? That's because, as I said before, loss of whales cause damage to the ocean and make an unhealthy ocean from the increasing amount of krills. Whales are vital to sustaining healthy marine life by regulating the food flow of the ocean. So they help our oceans stay healthy and enable us to live in a stabilized environment. So if you want to save endangered species, an easy solution to protect these endangered species is to spread the word and research about them.