Revoke resident card or passport for all Russian officials who voted yes to war.

Revoke resident card or passport for all Russian officials who voted yes to war.

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Dear friends.
As a person of many nations in one I can not simply sit and watch horrific events taking place in Ukraine. It pains me in every cell of my body to see amount of suffering, children, mothers, fathers and families have to endure from reckless behavior of all Russian Duma officials who has voted YES to start this pointless war with peaceful neighboring country as we all know Ukraine.

What had unraveled in front of our eyes past few weeks is a full scale invasion with complete disregard of international boarder laws and most of all human civilian life's including countless deaths or children under 10 years of age. This is NOT a humanitarian operation as Russian officials and propaganda would like the world to see, this is genocide of Ukraine and people within as we know it.

From dropping devastating thermobaric vacuum bombs to shelling at one of the largest nuclear power plant reactor to wiping whole cities from the face of the earth. No words can describe this behavior. 

Today I only ask you for one sample thing, please ask your self a question is this all justified? If you agree then God be your judge.

To all government officials that will read this petition. We the people of international community have all agreed to immediately revoke permanent residency cards, secondary citizenship (passports) of all Russian officials who has participated in this operation in any way, shape or form. This proposals will include revocation of permanent residency cards or secondary citizenship passports to them and their immediate families. 

This by far is barre minimum we all can ask for. We don't want these war criminals to live upon our cities. 

Thank you you all for understanding and participation I hope we can all bring this to higher level of international attention it deserves.  

God bless you all. God bless people and Heroes of Ukraine. God bless law and justice for all.

People for Peace on Earth.  


388 have signed. Let’s get to 500!