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Petition United Nations: end predatory transaction systems used by Bungie studios

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Currently, the Bungie gaming community suffers under a psychologically damaging transaction system marketed through the Destiny franchise. This system, called Eververse, uses a "pay-to-play" mechanism that not only encourages a gambling culture among Bungie's large underage player base, but blatantly empowers an attitude of socioeconomic superiority among those with greater monetary means. Besides fracturing the community to its very core, those with less means but a desire to grind (play for in-game rewards) get stifled by the wealthy. This is fundamentally damaging to the emerging self esteem of the adolescent player base, threatening to stunt their psychological growth at one of the most critical stages of development.

While many players are American, Bungie's products appeal to a sizable segment of international users primarily based across the UK, Canada, and Australia. This issue is not simply American: it threatens Bungie's consumers on a multi-national and multi-cultural level. As a complicated, globally complex issue we the players of the Bungie community feel that the best path to meaningful change lies through the governing body of the United Nations. 

If the internationally respected leaders of the global governance community issue some form of sanctions, (even a simple reprimand against Bungie's immoral business practices) it is possible that real change could be affected. Removal of the predatory Eververse transaction system would ensure continued positive development for thousands of young gamers. It is incumbent upon those in power to enact measures protecting the growth of the global citizens of tomorrow. We hope that our call to action will be answered...


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