Petition to UN & International Criminal Court in order to Appeal for the End of DRC War.

Petition to UN & International Criminal Court in order to Appeal for the End of DRC War.

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Life Change Centre started this petition to United Nations and

To: Congolese & World Churches, Civil Societies and victims of Wars in The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and World Community


I hereby am requesting to your authority to sign this petition. It is concerning “ An appeal by Congolese ,World Christians & Victims of DRC War Crime “ to the UN to End war in the DRC and re-integrated the current Soldiers ” and “ for the ICC to establish a special Court of inquiries concerning damages caused by DRC War crimes, by Ex-regimes and Illegal Mineral Exploitation to the DRC & and its population since 1996-2019 ”.

My name is Evariste Umba-Tsumbu, an indirect victim of war crimes in DRC and Pastor of Life Change Ministry (registered in South Africa: 090-057-NPO) since 2011 and operating as well in Kinshasa & Kasai – Provinces/DRC. Besides, I hold BSc (Honours) in Sciences Chemistry from University of Kinshasa, Master in Sciences Organometallic Chemistry from the University of Cape Town & Doctoral candidate at University of Witwatersrand in Mining Engineering. Life Change is also registered as Life Change Centre in NGO Branch/UN as CSO Net – the Civil Society Network since 2017 in the following link:


Apostle Ezekiel Mey Kabamba of International Restoration Church (IRC: NPO-141-820 since 2010) believes that “A very strong Lobbying is a necessity to put an end to this bloody & unfair war”


Mr Olivier Kalenga is the chairperson of NPO ‘Congolese Support” based in South Africa and registered with 168-461 NPO since 2015. He holds a BSc (honours) degree in chemistry and also a Scientific Researcher in Plants Physiology and Molecular Biology from University of Cape Town. He believes that “we are all part of God great family. If we stand together as one, there is no way we will fall, hence let’s give a helping hand by fighting this war crime in DRC. The Universal Human Rights gives to all world citizens’ right to live a peaceful life. This is why I hereby requesting to UN and ICC for peace in the DRC and the arrest of the criminals involved like the case of Thomas Liwanga in respect of all UN Security Council resolutions.



Evangelist Bonaparte Amani Marandura is a student at the GLOBAL DISCIPLESHIP PROGRAM a school of ministry accredited in South Africa, he also studied at the VERITAS COLLEGE (a school of biblical theology) accredited in Australia. He is president of the uprising Daniel’s generation ministry. He is also a chief representative officer of CMC (collective of movement for change) in the southern Africa where he resides currently; C.M.C was created on this day of 15 April 2009 in Kibamba, Territory of Fizi, Province from South / Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.


In 2012, July, 23rd in an interview that Paul kagame offered to Talk to Al Jazeera presented by Peter Greste, On the question of Rwanda’s involvement in the war or responsibility for supporting the CNDP (Congress for the Defence of the People) and M23 rebel movements in the DRC, President Kagame stated it was not only Rwanda that had association with those rebels but even those in the Congolese government right from the top. Given that the United Nations is an international entity which governs peace keeping in the world, and given that the eastern DRC is the immediate victim of these atrocities, We, in the C.M.C and the Congolese community believe, if the perpetrators go unpunished, the human right values protected by UN shall suffer violence and the number of innocent victims (women & children) will continue to increase. Therefore we demand with immediate effect the arrest and transfer to the criminal international court, of all those involved from inside out DRC.

Bishop Martin Pangburn has been appointed as Ambassador pres-UN and
United States community on behalf of the Congolese community who are victim of the UN
delay in taking actions and parties in conflict with their company beneficiaries of the illegal
mineral exploitation. Bishop Martin Pangburn is managing Prime Directive Ministries; an organization which is
aiming to Advance God’s Kingdom Principles in Government, Media and Business. Bishop
Martin’s contact details are as follow: 001 928-420-239, e-mail:
and 993 Dewey, Arizona, USA, 86327

Jesus said in Beatitudes: Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God (Matthew 5:9). The country has been suffering since 1996 and the war has caused “illegal mineral exploitation where about millions of tons of cobalt, coltan and other precious minerals used for Worldwide Electronic manufacturing & ammunition of Trillions of US dollars value were exported illegally. Millions of population left their villages, homes & belonging to find refuges elsewhere, and about 8 millions of deaths, millions of rapes cases of women & children and millions of children dying with malnutrition. It is the most deadly War since the second war world.


UN has tried to resolve this tragedy by force through “MONUSCO” with about 14,000 peacekeeping forces vainly until today, and hostility is increasing between the Government and rebel’s forces with civilians as victims. This situation is not encouraging investments in the country. Hence As Christians, we believe like Jesus Christ that “Peaceful solution in Dialogue is the way out”.


This leads us to the below proposed petition which will be requesting from the UN and the ICC the following:


1. Cessation Immediate of Hostility – call by UN


2. Calling for a National Dialogue between the parties in conflict that should be mediated by the UN and Christians Organisations involved in this petition – call by UN


3. Establishment of a special ICC Court Inquiry to question the parties responsible of war crimes & illegal exploitation and the victims – call by ICC


4. Establishment of Funds for demobilisation of Children’s soldiers, re-integration of soldiers and compensation of the “Direct victims of war crimes”. Repatriation of refugees in their villages to be sponsored by the convicted Companies and individuals involved in Illegal Minerals Exploitations in DRC.




OFPRA (Office Français de Protection des Refugies et Apatrides) report of August 2014 of Illegal Mineral Exploitation in East of DRC included the United Nations /Security Council 2002 report listing the 22 companies involved in illegal Coltan exploitation in Kivus/DRC with their transit export as China and Thailand such as:


Name of the Company and Country of Origin
Commet Uganda Coltan Trading Mr. Salim Saleh / Uganda
Afrimex Idem / United Kingdom
Amalgamated Metal Corp. Id. / United Kingdom
Cabot Corporation Tantalum Processing / USA
Cogecom Coltan Trading / Belgium
Euromet id. / United Kingdom
Finconcord SA id. / Switzerland
Finmining id. Saints Kitts / Antilles
H.C. Starck GmbH & Co Coltan Processing / Germany
Kemet Electronics Capacitor/Manufacturer / USA
Malaysian Smelting Cor. Coltan Processing / Malaysia
Nac Kazatomrom Tantalum Processing / Kazakhstan
Ningxia non Ferrous Metals id. / China
Pacific Ores Metals Coltan / Hong Kong/China
Rarement ltd id. Saints Kits / Antilles
SLC Germany GmbH id. / Germany
Sogem id. / Belgium
Speciality metals Company SA id. / Belgium
Trademet SA id. / Belgium
Trinitechinternational Inc. Id/exploitation / USA
Vishay Sprague Manufacture / USA/Israel
Eagle Wings Resources Coltan Exploitation / Rwanda

The United Nations sanctions decided against the above mentioned companies are found from articles 289 to 298 and XIII (articles 299 to 311) referring to the failures of their Administrative obligations. No follow up has been done until today.


The American Congress adopted the law of Dodd-Frank in July 2010 (Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act) of Section 1502 banding the practice of mineral trading to benefit any group army (government & rebels) in the DRC has also not been strictly applied.


The United Nations Resolutions 1493 of 2003, 1533 of 2004, 1596 of 2005 and 1856 of 2008 voted to sanction responsible states; However, the International Crisis Group (ICG) report of 2011 stated that only 31 individuals & companies where sanctioned, but the sanction has not been implemented. ICG recommended that a stable government could facilitate this process.


As Congolese, World Christians and Civil Society leaders, we believe strongly that “it’s time for The UN in collaboration with the current government of The DRC to come into a table of negotiations in order to end the war and apply the sanctions against individuals, companies and states that have been involved”.

Please sign this petition and forward 

Thank you for your support


-    Pastor Evariste Umba-Tsumbu

      Tel: +27 79 091 0554


-   Apostle Ezekiel Mey Kabamba

Tel: +27 72 042 2184

-   Mr. Olivier Kalenga

   Tel: +27 83 994 2758

-  Mr. Bonaparte Amani Marandura

Tel: +27 81 316 1861

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