Label Christchurch shooter Brendon Tarrant a Genocidal Terrorist

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Every religion in the world teaches peace and harmony. No faith believes in spreading hate among fellow human beings.
Unfortunately, we have evolved into a world where we are directly or sometimes indirectly promoting hate and violence by setting double standards and promoting racism by one way or the other. 

After recent Christchurch shooting in Mosques of New Zealand, The behavior and response got from world is very biased and surprising. Mainstream media, world leaders and many influential people are struggling to call the attack as "Terrorist Attack" and person who reportedly killed 49 people in a mass shooting leaving dozens of injured is not being called "Terrorist". 

We need to assign this petition so that mainstream media and all other controlling bodies set the same standards for such incidents for all the world regardless their origin, region, color or race. 

If a person is doing terrorist activity then call it TERRORIST activity and call the Person TERRORIST rather than "Shooter for Whites" and "Terrorist for Browns or Muslims".