Institute the Noahide Code in the UN - Bring World Peace

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Our world is plagued by wars, famine, natural disasters, and violence. The United Nations was created as a platform for all the nations to get together and help promote peace and prosperity for all of humanity. But so far we can see that even a tiny change takes years to agree upon. The time has come for the people to nudge the UN in the right direction.

Wouldn't It be Easier if We All Spoke the Same Language???

The team at believes that if all the nations had a common language, a common set of principles, it would unite all the world's leaders and help bring world peace faster.

It is time that we bring back the Universal Noahide Code, which helped establish judicial systems around the world hundreds of years ago. 

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Here is the Universal Noahide Code:

1. To believe in the one Creator, is to recognize The Being Who out of Love, created this world. We are commanded, all human beings, not to adore idols.

2. To respect the Creator and to praise Him, is to speak kindly of the Being Who sustains the world, for the good of humankind

3. To respect human life, is to acknowledge that we are all brothers and sisters, and that each one of us carries a divine spark. We are vessels of the Divine.

4. To respect marriage, is to respect the cornerstone of the society which is the family. We respect the young, the old, the weak and infirm.

5. To respect private property, is to lay the foundation of peaceful coexistence. We don't take what is not ours.

6. To respect the life of an animal, to feed the animal even before we eat, allowing the animal to rest, is to respect life itself.

7. To create a judicial system is to bring order to society, to our villages, and provinces, the nations we hail from, as there is no peace without justice.

What is most beautiful about these laws, is the breathing room they provide. They resonate equally in Africa, (North) America, (South) America, Antarctica, Asia, Australia and Europe. They are like the guidelines of a great master of music or art: firm, reliable and comprehensive -- but only a base, and upon this base each people and every person may build.

The Universal Noahide Laws are a sacred inheritance to all humanity, that every person on the face of the earth can use as the basis of his or her life. If enough of us will begin to incorporate these laws into our lives, we will see a different world very soon.

The Institute of Noahide Code INC – United Nations-accredited NGO (ECOSOC) - headed by Rabbi Yaakov David Cohen, aims to promote peace, democracy and harmony in the world through the values represented by the seven laws of the Universal Noahide code UN.


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