Ban neuroweapons

Ban neuroweapons

April 5, 2015
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High Commissioner United Nations Human Rights
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United Nations, please recognize neuroweapons as a threat to our global society and enforce behavior, legislation that leads to better civil protection and human rights.

Neuroweapons -- more terrifying than the atomic bomb

Open Source Intelligence About Neuroweapons

Cognitive Liberty:

Individual and collective cognitive liberty is threatened when technologies with the capacity to control or monitor cognition are applied or regulated without clear guiding principles that guarantee cognitive privacy, autonomy, and choice.

Privacy: What goes on in your mind should remain private unless you choose to share it. The use of technologies such as brain imaging and scanning must remain consensual and information that they might reveal should remain confidential. The right to privacy must encompass the inner domain of thought.

Autonomy: Self-determination over one’s own cognition is central to free will. Decisions concerning whether or how to change a person’s thought processes must remain the province of the individual as opposed to government or industry.

Choice: The capabilities of the human mind should not be limited. So long as a person is not directly harming others, governments should not criminally prohibit cognitive enhancement or the occasioning of any mental state.

Enforce international ban to all neuroweapons research programs and experimentation – applications like covert, remote and stealth included.

Petition Closed

This petition had 406 supporters

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