Help stop Child marriage/ girl child rape in Northern Nigeria

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There is a growing menace in the northern region of Nigeria which have Islam as their main religion- paedophiles are taking advantage of the Islamic system to abuse young girls and take childbrides whom they have no plans for in future but to abuse them sexually.

The child act rights has been passed in 2003 by the federal legislation but few states have passed a bill to set the age of marriage. We are advocating that states in Northern region and other parts of Nigeria should set a minimum age not below the age of 18 for marriage and set rules and regulations for such, this will help to incorporate the rights of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights into the national law,

Personal story

A new twist has emerged as regards the story of Alhaji Chanji and it is alleged that the girl in question is actually 20years old and a dowry of N300,000 was agreed on. This however is the lady’s third marriage. We do apologize for whatever damage our initial story may have caused any individual. 

While the story may have been a catalyst to bring about the push for this cause, it is not what the cause is about. We implore everyone to please focus on putting pressure on the state governments to adopt the child right act passed in 2003 by the federal legislature.



The story of a 70 years old Yakubu Changi marrying a 15year old girl in Niger state of Nigeria is trending on the internet. According to stories we have heard, Alhaji Changi as Yakubu is usually called has a penchant for marrying young girls and divorcing them after having his way sexually with them. This is against child rights everywhere and we must act now to ensure there is a change.