Freedom in North Korea

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So how long are we planning to sit and see Trump and Kim hate speech against each other? How long should we make those 25.37 million people sitting in North Korea wait for their independence? Its so easy to support on net and click "I support" and go back to life, but who the hell will act? "Progress is happening" is all we hear about NK but the truth is it is leading the scale to war. If the word 'humanity' exists, trust me you are been fooled. Millions on verge of death is humanity? Talking about war leads to humanity? Just see those clips of people who managed to escape NK and ask yourself, where the hell is humanity? Point is NK is powerful only because of us, yes us. NK wasn't born powerful, its countries who fund weapons, have deals etc. Why can't we just form an army and attack in a clever way. You think the Kim way, you get the Korean land. Hatred speech, sitting around and talking about so called peace and feeling pity about them would lead to no where. Rise up in your country, tell your ministers to wake up, tell them to do something right NOW! and yes, with peace.

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