Create Debt Neutrality Rights for Paying Down Credit Cards & Student Loans.

Compromise regarding consumer debt is a powerful tool. Forgiving Debt can send the wrong message. But telling people to "get a job", or "get a second job" is flawed if the jobs don't pay enough to pay down a person's existing debts.

The compromise to both Extreme Debt related positions is to declare Debt Neutrality on the 3 trillion dollars in consumer debt that exists for credit cards and student loans.

Debt Neutrality starts with those who can afford to pay down their debts without taking on any new debt, provided the interest rates, penalties and fees are discontinued on their present debts.

After the first wave of consumers exercise Debt Neutrality and begin actually paying down their debts, the economy should begin improving as consumers with less and less debt actually have a touch more money to spend locally, which in turn should create new job opportunities for those still  out of work. This in turn helps states and cities generate more revenue.

The result could be a cascading affect of economic improvement that requires no government funds of any kind, just the release of the financial death grip that financial institutions have over many consumers via credit card and student loan debt.

What we need is for Congress to grant Debt Neutrality Rights, and then get out of the way!  Please follow the Debt Neutrality Petition on Facebook, and

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