Ban whaling worldwide

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We're at a crisis. With Japan planning to unban commercial whaling, and Norway and Iceland both actively whaling, these animals are on the verge of extinction. Animals such as Orcas, Minkies, And other species could go extinct if we don't act now. We need to ban whaling from being possible. Whales and dolphins have enough threats to deal with, without humans inhumanely hunting them. 

Japan, Norway, and Iceland all need to end this barbaric activity. I want my children to grow up one day still thinking that the biggest animal on earth still is, not just once was. Imagine telling your own children that the world's biggest animals went extinct because we couldn't control ourselves. 

The solution? BAN WHALING WORLDWIDE. That's why I'm pitching it to the UN. If the UN can create a law in which whaling around the world is banned, I would be ecstatic. We should all contribute to the protection and conservation of marine mammals around the world.

I care deeply about the ocean. I want all species in it to be able to live without having to bear truble from overfishing, pollution or oil spils.