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Petitioning United Nations Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon and 2 others

Send U.N. Peace Keeping Troops NOW to Protect the People of C.A.R.

This is a human cry for help.
The people of the Central African Republic are under attack. Their rebel-led military-imposed government is incapable of protecting them. We appeal to the international community of the United Nations to do more than speak to peace, but to dedicate the necessary resources and troops to establish security immediately and protect the children, women, and men living in the Central African Republic from further attacks.
We are concerned world citizens, friends, Central African refugees, and fellow humans. Our friends and family members inside the Central African Republic are enduring atrocities at the hands of the rebels. Thousands of children have been kidnapped, raped, tortured, and forced into armed service. We will not forget the peaceful civilians who have no protection and who suffer. We demand action NOW.
The armies of Chad, Sudan, and Uganda must leave the Central African Republic immediately. The Central African army has been disarmed, leaving the people unprotected from foreign troops and rebel forces. We ask both the United Nations and the African Union to deploy peacekeeping troops to the country immediately, in numbers sufficient to restore protection to civilians; and to engage the Security Council of the United Nations to provide sufficient resources to restore and sustain peace inside the country.
This petition was written by a group of Central African Refugees who were forced from their homes and now live in the United States. We invite all friends and concerned supporters to join us in this petition.

This petition was delivered to:
  • United Nations Secretary General
    Mr. Ban Ki-moon
  • United Nations Security Council President
    Ms. María Cristina Perceval
  • Under Secretary General of the UN for Peacekeeping Operations
    Hervé Ladsous

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