#PARAEMOJIS: Help us get emojis for Paralympic sport!

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There are now more than 700 different emojis. And if you look at sports, most of them are represented. You have sportsmen and women, as well as different skin colour options. However, there is one group that still does not have a place in emoji language: disabled sportspeople.

The ultimate aim of the #PARAEMOJIS initiative is to include the 28 emojis for Paralympic sportspeople in this universal language (with their own gender and skin types), thereby increasing the visibility of Paralympic sport. By emphasising its importance we can achieve real inclusion.

We need #PARAEMOJIS to become a reality!

You can use your signature to ask UNICODE, the Consortium responsible for the worldwide coding standard for emoji characters, to include the 28 emojis for Paralympic sports in its update 11.0. This will ensure that #PARAEMOJIS reach your keyboard before the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and you will be able to cheer on your sportsmen and women in the way that they deserve!

We can get #PARAEMOJIS with your support.

Sign our petition and share the video for the initiative on your social media using our hashtag. This will help us reach more people, and together we can achieve an emoji language which is equal for everyone.

Visit paraemojis.com to download the #PARAEMOJIS and share them with your friends.

Thanks very much!