Stop Evictions and Demolitions!! Stand with the Local Communities of Hampi Region....!!

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Hampi Region which is known for its archaeological significance is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A lot of tourists come here, enjoy the scenic views of the majestic boulders, the beautiful Virupaksha Temple and all other historical sites but what exactly is happening to Hampi is still hidden. Though the people of Hampi welcome everyone with graceful smiles and open heart, and yet they do not show any signs of the difficulties they have been facing.

It’s time for us to lend them a helping hand and support them through this if this is the least we could do. Right now, Hampi is in a state of turmoil, especially the riff stakeholders who are tourism entrepreneurs, having homestays and restaurants before the year 2000. The ever-changing rules and acts that have been passed are creating confusions and hampering the tourism entrepreneurs who have legally erected homestays and restaurants in the area of Virupapur Gaddi (Hippie Island) - Hampi region.

People of Virupapur Gaddi (Hippie Island) of the Hampi region are now helpless. Their properties and commercial establishments are under the threat of demolition. Demolition of all that they depend upon for their bread and butter will pose a severe challenge to their livelihood options. Tourism activities will get affected and tourism footfall might go down. The unilateral measures by the authorities will destroy the dreams of the local communities in the Hampi region. They explicitly have put forth their demands to sustain and let them peacefully carry out their jobs as entrepreneurs.

Though the ASI alleges the entire village to be a protected site then it’s true that the entire village is not a historical monument itself. If it had to be like that then the entire state of Karnataka has to be a protected site which might sound sane to the higher-ups and demolish all the commercial activities in Karnataka. This way the entire state’s economy will hamper, similarly if we apply the same situation in the village of Virupapur Gaddi (Hippie Island) - Hampi region, which is taking a big toll over the people who are staying there and relying solely on the tourism-based commercial activities that they conduct in the village.

For all the tourists who have visited Hampi, we are sure you must have had leisure time. The people of Virpapura Gaddi (Hippie Island) - Hampi region are seeking help and support and we shall help them by signing up the petition so that the Supreme Court will overturn their order and let them carry out their age-old tourism-based commercial activities peacefully.

We call upon the government to pass an act that would allow the inhabitants to carry out their tourism-based activities in and around certain metres from the areas having monuments. This can be an option to keep the tourism opportunities intact so that local communities don't have to pay the price of protective measures towards conservation.