Nomination of Manzoor Ahmed Pashteen for Nobel Peace Prize

Nomination of Manzoor Ahmed Pashteen for Nobel Peace Prize

1 March 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by aijaz aslam

We hearbly Nominate Manzoor Ahmad pashteen leader of Pakhtoon Tahafuz Moment for Nobel  Prize 2020.

He raise voice for thousands of Missing persons in Pakistan. 

He raise voice for peace. He started a non voilent Moment ( PTM ) against extra judicial killing and war in pashtoon area

Who is manzoor pashteen? Manzoor pashteen Belongs to South Waziristan. First He raised voice for oppressed people of South Waziristan. He started his struggle from MTM(Mehsud tahafuz movement) at that time he had demanded from state 1: clear land mines from Waziristan, 2:bring missing persons to courts 3: Stop abusing on army checkpoints.
After the killing of Naqeeb ullah mehsod at karachi , naqeeb is killed by SSP rao anwar in January 2018, Manzoor pashteen and his 22 freinds started Long march from tank in the last days of January 2018 . And He reached to Islamabad on 2nd February 2018. He gave 10 days Sitin with below Demands.
1: punishment Of Rao Anwar
2: Make truth & Reconciliation Commission
3: Bring Back missing persons to courts( enforced Disappearances)
4: Stop Abusing civil persons on army Checkpoints
5: Stop violence on pashtun territory.
He wants same civil Rights from State.
Due to Manzoor Pashteen more than 1200 missing persons reached to their loves one.
Due to manzoor Pashteen peace has come back to Pashtun territory. We want from UN to Nominate Nobel peace prize

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Signatures: 20,251Next Goal: 25,000
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