Support student nurses

Support student nurses

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tina marie started this petition to UK Parliament and

As the current pandemic unfolds - student nurses feel forgotten about and scared.

During the first wave and lockdown of the covid-19 pandemic, support was put into place and emergency standards for student nurses such as;

The choice to opt out of placement and defer to a later date, but continue with academic work, due to our own personal circumstances such as family being at high risk or children at home; we were supported to make up our practice hours so that our registration would not be delayed. 

They also had the choice to opt into a long placement and help qualified staff, whilst being paid for their contribution.

A no detriment policy regarding academic work and support with re submissions if they did not pass academic work due to the mental and physical strain of the pandemic.

For the full length of support offered to us please see the document 'student support guidance during covid-19 outbreak' by Higher education England.

All of this support has now been withdrawn and student nurses are expected to work under the same capacity as they would under normal circumstances.

Coronavirus numbers and hospital admissions are at crisis - higher than that of the first wave of this pandemic but yet there is no support in place for student nurses/midwifes etc and they are all working 13 hour shifts, 40 hours a week - for free - whilst also carrying out academic work alongside fearing they may pass the virus on to family members. Some student nurses are having to isolate away from their loved ones and pay for separate accommodation to protect their family.

Student nurses are working in covid areas and are at risk as much as anyone else. If they do not attend their placements in high risk covid areas then their registration as nurses will be delayed!! If they get sick with covid whilst on their placement and are off sick, they are then expected to make those hours back up or face late qualification!!  Student nurses do not get paid for the hours that they work in clinical practice and so to have to wait even longer, just to get paid and be able to afford to live, is soul destroying.

On top of all of this they are still paying £9,250 a year in order train as nurses and also having to pay their own parking, fuel etc to get to their placements.

student nurses/midwifes/paramedics etc are asking for the previous measures of support (emergency standards) introduced during the first lockdown  - be reintroduced to them, and the government recognise that they need help.

In the the prime ministers speech he spoke of adjustments surrounding assessments for GCSE and A Level students - but what about university students? They are struggling too which is having a detrimental effect on their mental wellbeing.

Student nurses & other students are currently feeling a lack of support, care, flexibility and understanding.

Their wellbeing is being greatly affected by this - why isn't anyone speaking up and fighting for them, the next generation of nurses? They feel undervalued and are burnt out before they have even qualified. Please help them - they are the next generation of the NHS.

They need help and support now.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!