UK & USA Parent's, denied a DNA test from the remains of the body registered as their son.

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The parents of former footballer Jlloyd Samuel has been denied the rights of a privately funded DNA test from the remains of what has been registered as their son. The mother of Jlloyd's three children has denied Jlloyd's parents the opportunity of a DNA test. Jlloyd Samuel was registered dead on the 15 May 2018, his diesel sports  car exploded in a road traffic incident, leaving his remains unrecognizable to family members. Jlloyd's parents wish to do a DNA test. The parents, including other family members and friends seek closure and peace of mind. We believe it is very important that parents, not just in the UK - England, parents worldwide deserve the right to a DNA test for their deceased child, or children if the body is unrecognizable or recognizable, no matter what age the child or children maybe.

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