Make Period Product Manufacturers Put Ingredients on Packaging when being Sold in the UK!

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There is no legal obligation for menstrual product manufacturers to list ingredients on their packaging, therefore it may come to a surprise to you to learn that up to 90% of your period products you are using are PLASTIC. Not only is this causing huge environmental issues, but a detrimental effect on our bodies. Due to being used in such an intimate area, we are absorbing plastic up to 10x FASTER than if it were just on our skin.

This may surprise you. I didn't know this either. This plastic causes foreign oestrogens (used in thyroxine for metabolism, serotonin for our sense of well-being and dopamine for our motor function) to make our oestrogen levels rise causing hormone imbalance. This excess oestrogen causes in the short-term heavy periods, infertility in the medium term and in the long-term feminine cancers. I should be able to easily indicate what is in the product I'm using so I know what my body is absorbing.

Period Products are used so intimately, and we need to easily and clearly know what’s in them and what is being absorbed into our bodies. Just like food manufacturers, it should be compulsory for period product manufacturers to clearly state their ingredients on packaging.

Put Clear Ingredient lists on Period Product Packaging!

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