Justice for Morris

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This petition is in loving memory of Morris, an 11 year old ginger cat who crossed the rainbow bridge in the most barbaric way that this society could even think was possible. 

Morris was a very unique cat. He gave companionship, comfort and joy to those in hospital who stroked him. He approached anyone with the assumption they would offer friendship, love and care. The perpetrators responsible for his murder chose to take animal cruelty to another level - a much more EXTREME level. He was murdered with his throat slit, his head hanging off his neck and tail cut off. Photos were sent to his beloved hoomans. We cannot imagine the trauma his hoomans had felt. Sadly, Cleo was also brutally murdered in the same way, in the same area and same city, just weeks before Morris.

Animal cruelty punishments are already too lenient. The Animal Welfare Sentencing Bill extends the punishment from 6 months to 5 years imprisonment. Whilst this is still not long enough for perpetrators, its a start. This Bill needs to be given Royal Assent and passed as official legislation.

The UK government has left a massive loophole pausing at the very early process of the Bill stage. It provides a loophole for those perpetrators to continue their cruelty but also gives them the opportunity to increase this new level of animal cruelty. 

The Met and Avon and Somerset followed by Hertfordshire Police Force deny that all the cases reported to them about cats who were mutilated and murdered to date was not the work of psychopaths.

We think differently. There is a suspected cult who are taking animal cruelty to an extreme level. If this is the case, we demand that this cult is disrupted in the same way as organised crime groups. This type of psychopathic behaviour is a pre cursor to murder, rape and domestic violence. It is a proven fact that if a human hurt an animal, they will definitely hurt another human. This is an indicative factor in domestic violence risk assessments.

Whether a human or an animal, this ongoing extreme level of animal cruelty brings the same result. MURDER. It still brings victims - the animals themselves and their beloved hoomans who have lost their companions so horrifically. This is clearly not going to go away. History has repeated itself.

Therefore, we demand a public enquiry into this and a high profile investigation. We also ask that Operation Takahe is extended to other Police Forces where such brutal murders occurred. We demand transparency under the Freedom of Information Act from all three Police Forces to release the relevant information  of every single animal mutilation case reported to them. We demand to know the reasoning and how the overarching conclusion was reached that humans were not responsible for this extreme level of cruelty. 

We plead to all the people who are animal lovers and that have pets to stand with us and sign this petition to get collective justice for Cleo and Morris and all the cats mutilated and murdered barbaricly to date by this suspected cult or gang. These murders must stop.

We as a nation do not accept animal cruelty but nor do we accept this new level of animal cruelty. We will persevere until the government takes notice and DELIVERS. We demand it takes action to find and bring the offenders responsible to justice. We demand it makes immediate changes in the law and passes the Animal Welfare Sentencing Bill into effective legislation. This would send out a clear message and disrupt the perpetrators in their tracks. 

We will continue to perservere in bringing those responsible for such barbaric mutilations to JUSTICE.

In loving memory of Cleo and Morris and all the cats including those under Operation Takahe