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Funding for PFO closures

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My name is Jason Missen 22, I have been suffering with a couple of health issues. I will start from the beginning.

In September 2014, I suffered with a TIA which is a minor stroke while at work, randomly the left side of my body could not move, speech was slurred and I could not talk which lasted a couple of minutes. I was rushed to hospital where I had about 6-7 during that day and the hospital were running several tests to see where the issue was.

A CT scan was included in one of these tests and the hospital found that I had a hole in my heart which is called a PFO and this can be causing the strokes. With the strokes, I have also struggled with severe migraines that happens at least once every three days.

I have also had a procedure where the Cardiology team have inputted a ILR recorder which monitors how fast my heart is beating to see if this had any impact within my strokes which was put in January 2015.

After these tests, I find myself still have minor strokes and severe migraines which has affected my job as I had to go part time due to me having time off and I am on my final warning. I have now requested for the hole in my heart to be closed, I have been waiting for news about the closure for over six months however no one has been in touch with me. I have now got my GP to chase this up and I received a letter from Papworth hospital stating that the funding has been paused for the closure. After looking online, it would seem like the closure funding has been paused for a long time so I am querying if the government will ever provide funding. I have been struggling for several years and I need this operation done which would allow me to go back full time.

If everyone can sign my petition and pass this on to your friends and family so we can get this up to parliament and to get the funding back.

Best Wishes

Jason Missen

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