Erect the first national memorial to commemorate enslaved Africans and their descendants.

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We are memorial 2007 a charity fighting to erect the first national memorial to commemorate the victims of slavery. We believe that Black history is British history however when we think of British history no one ever recalls that black people have been in the UK since the 12th century, no one ever remembers Britain's role in the slave trade and what that meant for not only the slaves themselves but for their descendants and how this altered the trajectory of history forever.

30-40 million souls were lost as a result of slavery and the fact that there is no single memorial in the UK commemorating enslaved Africans is a national  disgrace. History is destined to repeat itself unless we learn from it and In order to move forward we need make peace with the past so we can go forward together. We must reconcile with the past and learn from it together and any meaningful reconciliation must begin with acknowledgement.

The importance of memorials and remembering is evidenced by the numerous holocaust memorial in the UK in fact  parliament just spent 50 million on a new holocaust memorial furthermore there is even a memorial for dogs/animals who died in the war but none for the victims of slavery, this coupled with the fact that Britain's role in the slave trade isn't significantly taught in schools paints a dreary picture for the future. As we know today that hate crime, racism, division and intolerance are on the rise we see the evidence of the fact without coming to terms with the past we are destined to repeat it's mistakes. This is the time for us to come together and to remember as well as educate each other so we can go forward and create a better future for ourselves and for the next generation. 

The good news is we already have a site in the Rose Gardens of London's Hyde Park. however we need to raise 4 million to make the memorial a reality on top of this we need 1 million upfront by November otherwise our planning permission will be ceased. We have been working towards this goal for 17 years now however a small charity like ours does not have this type of money hence the goal of this petition is to ask parliament to fund this memorial. Help us make this memorial a reality, help us bring the margin to the centre and in doing so help us create a better world for the next generation.