COVID support for those who went self-employed in last year

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Despite today’s news, any one who went self employed in the last year does not receive any government support...

Today the Chancellor finally announced that the government will also be supporting the self employed who have suffered financially as a result of the Covid outbreak. Although this will have been a huge relief to a lot of self employed people, unfortunately, there are still people who fall through the crack. If you went self employed in the last year then unfortunately you receive no financial support; it is a lottery based on timing.

This unfairly punishes those who have been working for themselves for less than a year, at a time when actually they are more vulnerable. These people have no savings as they have just put all of their money into setting up their business, buying a van, equipment, tools etc. They are lucky if the money they have made so far even covers these set up costs. Without savings and, unlike the majority of the UK, without government support, they somehow have to cover personal overheads, like rent, food and bills, plus business overheads.

The government is saying self employed people “have not been forgotten” but this is not the case, some people are still left out in the cold. We are all in this together so any support for this petition would be greatly appreciated.