Ban plastic applicator tampons

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As someone committed to caring for the environment, I am delighted that the government here in the UK is holding a consultation on the banning of plastic drinking straws and plastic stemmed cotton buds.  But there is one glaring omission from this consultation and that is tampons with plastic applicators.  Every time I visit local beaches I see plastic applicators washed up amongst other debris.  Plastic applicators are just as damaging to the environment as any other plastic waste.  Maybe the government has not included plastic applicator tampons in the consultation for fear of being seen to be sexist?  Which is why I feel that maybe it needs a pre-menopausal woman such as myself to stand up and be counted on this issue!  Ladies, we managed for years with cardboard applicators!  And there are now more options than ever for us.  Gentlemen, please support this petition, future generations of women will thank you for standing up for our planet.  To everyone, let's not make this a gender issue, but take a step back and consider what is right for the world around us.

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