UK Justice is Broken. When Legal Regulation fails, the UK Justice system fails.

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 When Legal Regulation fails the UK Justice system fails. Dishonest Legal Professionals  are destroying people’s lives.Legal Regulators and Judges are complicit.

The Legal Services Board are supposed to oversee Legal Regulation and have ignored utter corruption.

Urgent action is needed;  UK Justice Is Broken. There should be a criminal investigation to expose the corrupt and failed system of Legal Regulation.

Where are the honest Legal Professionals?

The Trustpilot account for the SRA has many reviews from people whose lives have been decimated because the SRA is corrupt, yet there do not seem to be any reviews from Legal Professionals. Solicitors and Barristers  are the people who know better than anyone that the SRA is failing to act in accordance with Public Law yet NONE have the courage to stand up and take action. In some ways it is understandable because any that do may be persecuted by their own corrupt regulator.
However until they do nothing will change.
'All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing'

A request has been made for support to the Miscarriages of Justice All Party Parliamentary Group who have not responded.

Even NHS doctors are campaigning for action!
In the Junior Doctors Whistleblowing case Sir Norman Lamb called on the Solicitors Regulation Authority to investigate  but no action has been taken. A Judge in this case who previously granted permission to appeal has now bizarrely said the she had signed the order by mistake!

In 2016 The CMA reported that UK Legal Regulation has failed and instructed UCL to conduct an Independent Review of Legal Services Regulation  A report has already concluded that regulation is not fit for purpose but this will not result in any urgent action being taken. The final report is now published and calls for action to be taken and that there should be a single independent regulator.
Lord Gold recently called on the MOJ to take urgent action
However the Government has dismissed any calls for action with the MOJ claiming that current regulation is satisfactory stating that the regulators are 'generally effective'
This ignores the hundreds of serious complaints which confirm dishonesty and corruption; the current regulation of Legal Services is clearly not satisfactory or effective.

In 2016 Lynne Owens, Director General of the National Crime Agency  branded solicitors 'corruption enablers' but no action has been taken since.

In fact more than 3 years later a report by Transparency International  claimed that Dozens of law firms were enabling corruption Through forensic analysis of more than 400 corruption and money laundering cases – amounting to an estimated £325 billion (US$412 billion).
At Your Service presents groundbreaking new research that sheds fresh light on the role played by UK services and institutions in the biggest corruption scandals of recent decades. 
This in-depth investigation identified nearly 600 UK businesses, institutions, and individuals who have helped corrupt individuals, unwittingly or otherwise, obtain, move and defend their ill-gotten gains.The Main stream media and Legal Regulators chose to ignore this extensive report.

It seems that there are literally hundreds cases where dishonest solicitors have destroyed peoples lives enabled by corrupt regulators detailed in these reviews of the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Legal Ombudsman

Some investment schemes by dishonest solicitors have seen hundreds of investors defrauded on tens of millions of pounds. These include the £52 million Key Housing Fraud

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal instructed the SRA to investigate claims of dishonesty against the Law Society President but they refused claiming that because a Judge had dismissed an application to Set Aside that there was no evidence of dishonesty. This is a breach of the SRA 's own rules which state that Criminal or Civil Proceedings cannot stop Regulatory proceedings, which may for example lead to a finding of Lack of Integrity or bringing the profession into disrepute, which is not something which can be ruled upon in other proceedings. The SDT then conducted a sham hearing Chaired by an SDT member who is also a  director of the Limited SDTAL company paid £3m a year by the Law Society, who struck out the complaint against the Law Society President based on a further false claim made by the Law Society President.
There is no proper independent complaints process for the SDT because the SDTAL which is supposedly an external complaints process, is actually the same personnel and senior executives who run the SDT. The Chairman of the SDTAL is also the President of the SDT. It is in breach of Public Law; a Regulator or Tribunal has to be held to account by an Independent External complaints process, which is clearly not the case with the SDT or the SRA.

The Judicial Conduct Investigations Office dismiss all complaints of conflict of interests made against Judges, including those filed against the Judge in the Uber case , Chief Magistrate Arbuthnot had instructed that  ALL Uber cases anywhere in the UK were to be heard by her, which is clearly improper. She was exposed as having a conflict of interest; her husband Lord Arbuthnot was paid by the Qatar Investment fund who had invested $5 billion in Uber. The Lord Chief Justice dismissed a Judicial Review appealing the Uber decision saying that there was no conflict even though Judge Arbuthnot had admitted a conflict by stepping aside.
In a separate Uber case an appeal by Reading Council was improperly dismissed by Justice Flaux, whose son is director of Aon insurance who have a partnership with Uber and insure a million Uber drivers worldwide.When asked about the blatant conflict of interest by the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office Justice Flaux claimed he did not know his sons company insured a million Uber drivers and no action was taken. Justice Flaux had spent his career as a barrister specialising in insurance and therefore surely would take an interest in his sons business.

Chief Magistrate Arbuthnot also has a further conflict of interest in the Assange case , Lord Arbuthnot is paid by defence company Thales which has been ignored.


A complaint was filed against the Judge who had unreasonably jailed fracking protesters and did so because his family business worked with the fracking companies that he was protecting. Despite the clear conflict and improper conduct by the Judge no action was taken.

A complaint was filed  against a Judge who dismissed a class action claim  by parents of children effected by an MMR vaccine. His brother was director of GSK who the claim was against but no action was taken.He said he didn't know that his brother was director of GSK.

The dishonest actions of Legal professionals constitutes fraud and perjury.
The dishonest and improper actions of Regulators and Judges may constitute Perjury and Misconduct in Public Office. These are criminal offences and should be investigated by the National Crime Agency.

Please email your complaints to the NCA Director General and to the Shadow Justice Secretary and Shadow Leader  calling for an urgent investigation into the serious failures of the UK Justice System. The improper actions are criminal and should be investigated by a criminal agency.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing. It is time for everyone, including honest Legal Professionals to stand up and take action.

An Investigation is being initiated so please send your complaints urgently.
Thanks for signing the petition. The next step is to compile as many complaints for a media investigation as urgently as possible
1/ Write a brief summary of your complaint with a short introductory paragraph outlining you case. Include who you are, who the complaint is about(the solicitor, Judge), what has happened, who you have complained to (SRA,JCIO)
Please assume that whoever is reading this knows nothing about you or your case and that you are providing a simple overview which is easy to understand.
Then add a further basic concise description of less than 1000 words. A more in depth account and information can be submitted at a later stage with supporting documentation but at this point a basic outline highlighting key points is needed. Please do not attach documents or send pages and pages of detailed information at this stage.
Email the complaint with the subject line 'Complaint. UK Justice is Broken' to

2/ Forward the complaint email (in confidence) that you have sent to the NCA to the following contacts individually (if you copy it to all it will be rejected as spam) They can then see that the complaint has been filed to the NCA
Shadow Leader-
Shadow Justice Secretary-
Shadow Attorney General -attn Lord Falconer-in subject line
Shadow Solicitor General-

3/ Send a further copy of just the initial paragraph (who you are, who the complaint is about(e.g  solicitor, Judge), what has happened, who you have complained to (e.g SRA,JCIO)  )   in confidence so that we can compile a record of all complaints for the media investigation to; Please do not send the full complaint at this stage or documents. This information will not be disclosed at this point. If any further information is required an email will be sent requesting this. At this stage we want to compile a list of complaints and do not need the full details of the complaint filed to the NCA.

4/ Please keep sharing the petition on social media and post on blogs and websites

The objective is that this will lead to a media investigation and exposure and with political support will force a full investigation.

Please sign the petition and post/share with as many as you can.