Pause the System - UK Gov Take Necessary Action on COVID-19

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Pause the System
We are in a public health emergency. The Government is failing to listen to the World Health Organisation and are prioritising the economy, disregarding the lives of the most vulnerable in our communities.

We need to pause the system and put the UK into lockdown. A change from business as usual will give humans and the planet a change from an economic system which is destroying the planet and provide the space to reflect and imagine better alternatives.


Pause the System ~ Respond to the health emergency
Government must listen to the World Health Organisation and implement a policy of social distancing by halting all non-essential business and closing schools; as well as carrying out widespread testing and taking private clinics into public ownership. 

Support Everyone ~ Take care of the most vulnerable
Government must provide universal basic income and full statutory sick pay for all people, pause all mortgages and rents and ensure vulnerable and marginalised members of society are taken care of; including the elderly,  people with health conditions, migrants and people in precarious employment. 

Transform the System ~ Prevent future pandemics
Both the climate emergency and the factory farming and trade of animals bring strong threats of future pandemics. The government must act to reduce emissions to net zero, halt biodiversity loss, as well as ban factory farming and the trade of animals.